About Our Business
Modern Recovery is a repossession company specializing in the recovery of most collateral
including cars, trucks, RV's, trailers, 5th wheels, motorcycles, ATV,s and boats.  If what
you're looking for has wheels chances are we can recover it for you.
Call our office for details.
Ron Smith
I have operated as a repossession agent for the last 20 years.  In addition, as head of
Operations, I was responsible for the hiring and training of repossession personnel,and
the maintenance, repair and modifications of the repossession fleet. As part of our full-
service offerings, I can perform basic locksmith duties.

Kevin Rice
My 20 years of collection experience includes employment with both collection agencies
and financial institutions. For the last two years, I have worked exclusively with
repossession companies. Prior to that, I spent five years with an auto finance company
where I directed the repossession process including approval of
repossessions,assignment of repossessions,and communications with the
repossession agencies.
Where we are located
1165 N ANITA
TUCSON, AZ  85705
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